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Item no.: MDC 120 FLOWER

Flower cooler with glass doors

Can accomodate 12 buckets divided into three shelves
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Flowers need to be stored in a cool environment to stay fresh. That's why a flower cooler like this one can be necessary to ensure that the flowers don't become tired and dull prematurely.

The MDC 120 FLOWER has ventilated cooling, automatic defrosting, and electronic control.


  • 2 to 10 degrees Celsius
  • ventilated cooling
  • glass doors
  • LED lighting
  • adjustable legs.

With space for 12 buckets

A flower cooler like this can be used for both pre-made bouquets and loose cut flowers waiting to be transformed into arrangements. Regardless of the purpose, the cooler keeps the flowers fresh for a longer time.

If you have spare time as a florist, you can use it to create various bouquets, which can then be placed in the cooler. This allows customers to quickly select one of the pre-made bouquets if they don't have specific preferences for flower combinations.

This flower cooler has space for 12 buckets with a diameter of 240 mm. Buckets are not included.

With glass doors and LED lighting

With this flower cooler, customers have an optimal view of the displayed bouquets or flowers. The cabinet's glass doors and glass elements on the sides make it easy to see inside. Additionally, the flowers are illuminated by built-in LED lighting in the cabinet.

This cabinet is specifically designed for flowers. If you're interested in other types of display refrigerators, you can take a look at our extensive selection of such units.

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