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Item no.: FFFSG 4001

Free-standing storage freezer with 316 liters

6 wire shelves and Liebherr SmartFrost

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The FFFsg 4001 is an efficient storage freezer from Liebherr. This freezer boasts a range of smart features, including a temperature alarm and SmartFrost technology.

The white storage freezer features an external digital display.


  • -9 to -26 degrees
  • SmartFrost technology
  • Optical and acoustic fault signal
  • Self-closing, reversible door
  • 316 liters

Advanced Technology Reduces Frost

The FFFsg 4001 is designed to meet all the requirements of the professional kitchen, where precision and reliability are essential. SmartFrost technology effectively reduces frost formation, eliminating the hassle of frequent defrosting. The smooth interior walls make the defrosting process quick and easy, giving you more time for essential tasks.

Protect the stable temperature

Safety is paramount with this Liebherr storage freezer. If a door is left open or the temperature deviates from the set range, an optical and acoustic alarm is activated. The interior light blinks and guides your attention to potential issues in a timely manner.

The external digital thermometer allows you to accurately monitor the temperature, while the self-closing door ensures your samples remain protected. With the option to reverse the door and adjust the feet, the FFFSG 4001 is a versatile addition to any professional kitchen.

Invest in this top-of-the-line storage freezer from Liebherr, or consider this model if you require a smaller option.

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