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Item no.: F 0330 FDH

Heat-cool-freeze box with a capacity of 330 liters

Temperature range from -21 to 30 degrees celcius
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With this versatile transport box, you can safely transport various temperature-sensitive products, whether they need to be kept frozen, cold, or hot.

The climate box is insulated with PU foam and is highly energy-efficient.


  • 12/24 V
  • -21 to 30 degrees
  • 330 liters
  • Front opening
  • Resistant to vibration.

The multifunctional choice

Some products are particularly temperature-sensitive and need to be stored and transported at specific temperatures, including many medical products.

The F 0330 FDH allows you to safely transport these types of products. Since the transport box can both freeze, cool, and heat, it can be used in various contexts.

If you're looking for a climate box that can only cool/freeze, you may consider the F 0330 FDN or F 0330 NDN instead.

An energy-efficient solution

The F 0330 FDH provides a stable temperature during transport and is efficiently insulated. The transport box has a convenient front opening for easy access to its contents.

It is resistant to vibrations and is also highly energy-efficient.

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