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Item no.: MX - CURVED 12 05 RB

Ice cream counter for 12 x 5 litres of scoop ice cream

Roller blind and an openable curved front
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Here is a beautifully designed scoop ice cream counter for those who only need to display a selection of flavours – the MX Curved 12.

The MX Curved 12 holds 12 canteens with five litres of ice cream in each – divided into two rows of six canteens. It is thus the smallest of our professional models in the MX range.


  • Stainless steel worktop
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Night blind reduces power consumption
  • Keeps ice cream frozen – even in +35°C heat
  • Fitted wheels

Excellent visibility, roller blind and a stainless steel service panel

With the MX Curved, you get a professional ice cream counter in a sleek design that fits in with any ice cream shop or café, and is equipped with everything an ice cream vendor needs in an ice cream counter. For example, it is designed with a curved front glass that provides customers with an excellent view of all your tempting ice creams.

The ice cream counter has a temperature range of -16 to -22 degrees, which is perfect for keeping your scoop ice cream frozen for and tempting to ice cream-hungry customers – on even the hottest summer day.

Hot gas technology ensures that the ice cream freezer defrosts automatically

With the MX Curved, you get an ice cream counter with hot gas technology, which uses heated glass to prevent frost from forming on the inside. This eliminates the need to switch off and empty your ice cream counter to remove any frost.

Fitted wheels make the ice cream counter easy to move

The ice cream counter comes with fitted swivel wheels, making it easy to move. This may be useful, for example, for cleaning under your ice cream counter or if you need to redecorate your shop.

Do you have any questions about the MX Curved 12 ice cream counter?

This ice cream counter is also available with space for both 16 and 24 canteens and with a square glass section.

Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales department, who will guide you to find the right solution.

If you want it to be designed with a self-adhesive decorative film, we would be more than happy to help you with that.

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