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Item no.: MADRID 125-10 05 PL

Impulse cooling counter with plexi sides and a sliding lid

Stainless steel fender trims
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If you would like to boost your sales of, for example, promotional or seasonal products, you can do so with an impulse cooling counter like this one. This cooling counter comes with plexiglass sides for optimal product visibility, as well as a sliding lid. 

The cooling counter uses ventilated cooling. 


  • tiltable, 3-11 degrees
  • fitted wheels
  • 220 mm loadline
  • digital thermometer
  • -1 to 5 degrees

Focus on select items with an impulse cooler

An impulse cooler is ideal to use when you would like to focus on specific items. For example, products that you have on sale or that are popular during a particular holiday or season. 

The MADRID 125-10 05 PL comes with a large display area of 1. 31 square metres and a 220 mm loadline. Thanks to the sliding lid with its narrow frames, you gain a perfect overview of your selection of, for example, tapas or fresh berries. 

When your products are displayed in an inviting and eye-catching way, passing customers are more likely to be tempted and you can maximise your revenue. 

Impulse cooling counter with practical wheels

This impulse cooling counter comes with fitted wheels, making it easy to move your counter around. This is obviously comes in handy when redecorating your entire store, but can also be relevant for special promotions where you just want to move a single counter or two. 

The counter can be tilted at an angle of 3-11 degrees, so you can make sure your products look their absolute best. 

Concatc us, if you are looking for an impulse cooler without a sliding lid.

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