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Item no.: SVABA 100 3 GNP 9005

Convertible impulse cabinet with a sliding lid

Perfect visibility of your product range boosts your chances of making sales
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This state-of-the-art impulse cabinet can be set up for both freezing and cooling, all depending on your product range. It comes with a 270 mm loadline and a display area of 1. 36 square metres. 


  • -1 to +5 degrees or -18 to -15 degrees
  • ventilated cooling
  • automatic defrosting
  • glass sliding lid and sides
  • adjustable legs

Boost your bottom line with impulse sales

Impulse sales offer a relatively quick and easy way to boost your revenue by tempting your customers to buy. One way of doing this is by presenting your product range in an inviting and eye-catching way. 

The SVABA 100 3 GNP 9005 is a smaller impulse cooler/freezer. It is perfect for bargain products, seasonal items or products approaching their sell-by date. By placing the products in this stylish display cabinet, your customers are more likely to notice your product range and be enticed by the favourable price, for example. 

Use the cabinet as you see fit

This convertible impulse cabinet can be used for a wide variety of products – not least because of its ability to switch between freezing and cooling. This greatly enables you to cater to your customers during every season. 

Over the winter, the impulse cabinet (as a freezer) can be used, for example, for apple slices or ready-made soup. In summer, it is ideal for ice cream and ice cubes. As a cooler, it can be used for cold buttermilk soup and grilled sausages, while in winter it is perfect for promotional items like butter and roast pork. 

In short, the possibilities are endless with the SVABA 100 3 GNP 9005, which is also available in two larger versions – the SVABA 150 3 GNP 9005 and the SVABA 200 3 GNP 9005

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