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Item no.: LKUv 1613

Laboratory cabinet cooler with a glass door

Handy temperature alarm and digital temperature display
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The LKUv 1613 is an efficient, modern laboratory cooler from Liebherr. Thanks to its built-in temperature and power failure alarms, the cabinet offers enormous reliability. 

This cabinet cooler comes with ventilated cooling and an external digital display. 


  • 3 to 16 degrees
  • LED lighting
  • self-closing, reversible door
  • 152 litres
  • three removable shelves

Glass door for an optimal overview

This laboratory cabinet cooler comes with a white cabinet and a glass door. The glass door allows you to view the contents of your cooler even when the door is closed. That allows you to easily take the right thing without leaving your cabinet cooler open longer than necessary. The contents are illuminated by the LED lighting, which can be switched on and off independently. 

There are three wire shelves in this laboratory cooler. They can, naturally, be moved so you can organise your cabinet as you see fit. 

The glass door is generally hinged on the right-hand side, but can be reversed if necessary. 

With a practical temperature alarm

With the LKUv 1613 you get a functional and reliable laboratory cooler. It comes with a built-in temperature alarm that alerts you both audibly and visually if the temperature goes outside the set limits. 

You will also be alerted if other faults occur in your cabinet cooler, and there is a built-in power failure alarm that alerts you if the power to your cooler has been cut. All in all, you get a functional laboratory cooler with a number of safety measures in place. 

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