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Item no.: SCFVH 4032

Laboratory cooler and laboratory freezer in White

Efficient combined refrigeration and freezing unit for laboratory use

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SCFVH 4032 is a versatile laboratory cooler and freezer designed to meet the needs of laboratory environments. The combined refrigeration/freezing system provides optimal storage capacity and flexibility.

About the product

  • Combined refrigeration/freezing
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • Temperature range from 3 to 16 degrees Celsius
  • Net volume of 199 liters for refrigeration and 62 liters for freezing

Combined storage solution

SCFVH 4032 offers both refrigeration and freezing capacity in one unit, minimizing the need for multiple devices and optimizing space in the laboratory. With automatic defrosting and temperature and door alarm, reliable storage of samples and reagents is ensured. The temperature range from 3 to 16 degrees Celsius allows for flexible temperature control depending on the specific requirements for storing different materials.

Spacious capacity

With a volume of 199 liters for refrigeration and 62 liters for freezing, SCFVH 4032 has sufficient space to store a wide range of samples and materials, making it ideal for laboratories with varying storage needs.

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