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Item no.: SFFVH 4001

Laboratory Freezer with temperature and door alarm

Compliant with DIN 13277 standards

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Laboratory freezer compliant with DIN 13277 which ensures that it meets the stringent requirements for laboratory equipment, showcasing its high quality. The laboratory freezer features an alarm history function that records and stores data on critical temperature changes and door openings, allowing you to monitor and ensure optimal storage conditions.

About the product:

  • Compliant with DIN 13277
  • Alarm history
  • Prepared for external sensor
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • -9 to -35 degrees temperature range
  • Net volume of 174 L

Spacious and functional

The laboratory freezer is equipped with both temperature and door alarms that can immediately alert you to undesired temperature changes. This helps protect your valuable materials from potential damage. Additionally, the laboratory freezer has a wide temperature range from -9 to -35 degrees Celsius, ensuring that a broad range of materials can be stored under optimal conditions. With a net volume of 174 liters, this laboratory freezer offers ample space for storing your materials.

Optimal storage solution

The laboratory freezer is the ideal solution for work requiring precise and reliable storage of sensitive materials. With its advanced features and compliance with recognized standards, this freezer not only offers optimal protection for your materials but also ensures that samples are stored under the best possible conditions.

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