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Item no.: PBCF 15

Large, efficient blast freezer for gelato

With space for 15 GN 1/1 containers
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PBCF 15 allows you to quickly freeze gelato in just a few minutes and features ventilated freezing. This professional blast freezer has a self-closing magnetic door.

About the product

  • -18 to +3 degrees Celsius
  • Ventilated freezing
  • Adjustable legs
  • Touchscreen
  • Self-closing door.

Increase your production capacity with PBCF 15

If you produce gelato and want to ensure a smooth and continuous production flow, investing in a blast freezer like this one is highly beneficial.

PBCF 15 can accommodate 15 containers of gelato, which can be quickly frozen in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, you can freeze another batch in the ice cream machine, ensuring a constant supply of freshly made gelato.

Professional HoReCa Freezer

This blast freezer comes with adjustable legs and a self-closing door. It's easy to defrost and includes a plastic tray at the bottom to collect condensation.

You can easily set up PBCF 15 in a professional HoReCa kitchen, allowing you to start producing gelato. With space for up to 15 containers, it's a larger model. If you're looking for a smaller blast freezer, you might consider PBCF 5 or PBCF 10 instead.

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