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Item no.: VD 1600

Large gray display cooler with three doors

Capacity up to 822 half-liter bottles
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This display refrigerator is perfect for beverages but can also be used for a variety of other products you want to highlight in your business.

The refrigerator has ventilated cooling and automatic defrost.

About the product

  • 0 to 10 degrees Celsius
  • Ventilated cooling
  • Analog thermostat
  • LED lighting
  • Wheels + leveling screws.

The perfect cooler for beverages

With a display refrigerator, you can increase your impulse and upselling of beverages, among other things. You do this by strategically placing the refrigerator in relation to how customers move around the store.

VD 1600 is especially ideal for beverages and can accommodate up to 822 bottles of 500 ml each, if they are staggered. If all the bottles need to stand upright, there is room for a few less.

Maximum capacity in the refrigerator:

Cans, 330 ml

  • Staggered: 1,760 pieces
  • Upright: 1,612 pieces.

Bottles, 500 ml

  • Staggered: 822 pieces
  • Upright: 776 pieces.

Wheels ensure easy movement

To make it easier to move the spacious refrigerator, it comes with wheels at the back. Even though the refrigerator is large and heavy, it's relatively straightforward to place and potentially move if you want to rearrange your store. The refrigerator also has leveling screws.

If you're looking for a smaller display refrigerator, you can consider models like VD 890 or VD 1190.

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