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Item no.: GLK 20 S

Low-temperature medical chest freezer

Static freezing down to -60 degrees celcius
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If you work with different types of samples, you may need a low-temperature chest freezer, which gets significantly colder than the average freezer. This model can go all the way down to -60 degrees, making it ideal for the medical industry. 

The low-temperature freezer comes with electronic control and a digital temperature display. 


  • -30 to -60 degrees
  • static freezing
  • handle with a lock
  • audible temperature alarm
  • condensate drain

With a smart temperature alarm

The GLK 20 S is an efficient low-temperature chest freezer that operates in the range of -30 to -60 degrees. It is a freezer that gets significantly colder than both household freezers and the “average” laboratory freezer. 

To ensure that the temperature in your freezer is always as it should be, the GLK 20 S has a built-in temperature alarm.  This means that you will be notified audibly if the temperature in your freezer fluctuates, so you can make sure that its contents do not get damaged. 

Practical functions and features

In addition to the useful temperature alarm, this low-temperature chest freezer comes with a number of other functions. 

This chest freezer has a handy condensate drain to quickly remove any defrost water. As a practical safety measure, the freezer’s handle can be locked to prevent unauthorised persons from opening it. Among other things, that can be reassuring for customers or clients to know. 

The GLK 20 S has a volume of 226 litres and is one of the smallest models in the range. If you need more (or less) freezer space, you can take a look at the following models:

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