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Indiana series
Item no.: INDI85 895 05 LT

Narrow but spacious convenience freezer

With four extra-deep shelves
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The INDI85 895 05 LT is a compact convenience freezer measuring just 895 mm in width. Yet it is very spacious thanks to the four extra-deep shelves. This means you do not have to replenish your stock over and over again.

The black convenience freezer comes with ventilated freezing, electronic control and a digital thermostat.


  • -22 to -18 degrees
  • 0.97 m2 display area
  • four shelves
  • automatic defrosting
  • LED lights

With practical, automatic defrosting

With this convenience freezer, you never have to worry about hoarfrost. The convenience cooler offers efficient, automatic defrosting.

The INDI85 895 05 LT is part of our Indiana range, which is highly energy efficient and has a temperature range between -22 and -18 degrees.

Uncomplicated, modern design

The Indiana convenience freezers offer a sleek and modern design, making the freezers a perfect fit for any store. This, of course, also applies to the convenience freezers on this page.

The freezer has a low front height and can be multiplexed with other Indiana convenience freezers. However, with its compact design, it is also ideal to let your convenience freezer stand alone or to combine it with a similar convenience cooler.

This convenience freezer is the smallest in the Indiana range. If you need more freezer space, you can take a look at the INDI85 1500 05 LT or the INDI85 2443 05 LT.

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