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Item no.: VDCS 218B

Narrow, five-shelf display cabinet cooler

Modern black design
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This narrow display cooler is ideal for impulse cold drink sales, for example. It has five shelves, whose heights are all adjustable, and that are effectively illuminated by LED lighting.

The VDCS 218B comes with ventilated cooling, which ensures that an even temperature is maintained throughout your cooler.


  • ventilated cooling
  • 0 to +10 degrees
  • LED lighting
  • levelling feet
  • automatic defrosting

Boost your revenue via impulse sales

If you would like to boost your revenue, it would be to your advantage to focus on your impulse sales and upsales. To entice customers to buy, it is essential that your products are presented in an inviting way, which is where an elegant display cooler like this one comes in.

The VDCS 218B offers an uncomplicated, modern design that fits in with any business. With its modest width, the cabinet cooler can be placed in a variety of locations, including at a checkout, just inside the door or next to the snacks.

A cabinet cooler with several useful features

The display cabinet cooler offers automatic defrosting. Any hoarfrost is automatically collected in a drainage tray where it evaporates. In high humidity environments, it may also be necessary to empty the drainage tray of excess liquid.

The cabinet cooler comes with adjustable shelves and a built-in lock, which can be useful, for example, if the display cabinet contains very expensive products.

The narrow display cooler is also available in a white version.

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