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Item no.: W90 - NARROW 18

Small ice cream counter for 18 x 5 litres of ice cream

Automatic defrosting and a stainless steel service counter
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The W90 - NARROW 18 is a professional ice cream counter with 18 canteens of five litres each. The canteens are arranged in two rows, giving customers an optimal overview of the choices and making it easy to reach all the variants when standing behind the counter. 

The ice cream counter is also available in versions with 12 or 24 canteens. 


narrow design

removable stainless steel service counter

fitted wheels

night blind

automatic defrosting

A narrow design with great potential

The W90 - NARROW 18 has been specially designed for smaller shops. Here you get an ice cream counter in a narrow design that can fit through doorways as small as 90 centimetres wide. The service counter can be folded up when moving it around, giving the counter its modest depth. 

Despite its narrow design, the scoop ice cream counter has a large capacity. It still has room for 18 canteens of five litres each, so you do not have to compromise on this point. 

With a night blind and fitted wheels

This ice cream counter for 18 canteens comes with a handy night blind that helps with saving electricity after closing time. It also comes with fitted wheels, that make it easy to move your counter around at closing time or when you need to redecorate your store. The wheels also make it easy to clean under and around your counter. 

The W90 - NARROW 18 cools down to between -16 and -22 degrees. It works at temperatures up to 35 degrees, keeping ice cream frozen and tempting on even the hottest of days. 

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