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Air-cooled self-service soft ice cream machine

Production capacity: 16 kg or 250 waffles per hour
excluding freight, taxes and VAT
Inbound, please contact us for estimated delivery date

SELF GEL 1 UP KOLOR is a smart floor-standing soft ice cream machine that allows for self-service. This enables you to use more of your time serving customers rather than making soft ice cream.

The soft ice cream machine is air-cooled.


  • HTP pasteurization
  • 4D Remote Control System
  • can produce up to 250 wafers in an hour
  • floor model
  • with a warning light.

Self-service streamlines the workflow

If you have to make a lot of soft ice cream every day, you can quickly end up spending a lot of time on it. And when it's busy in the shop, there's a risk of congestion because you can't keep up. You can avoid this with SELF GEL 1 UP KOLOR.

The soft ice cream machine is started with a special token that is provided with the purchase. Afterward, the customer can fill their own soft ice cream in a cone or cup.

With a smart HTP pasteurization system

This soft ice cream machine has a built-in pasteurization system. This means that the ice cream mixture and all parts of the machine that come into contact with the ice are heated to 65 degrees Celsius. This temperature is maintained for half an hour to kill any bacteria. Then the temperature is quickly lowered to four degrees Celsius, which is a suitable storage temperature.

The heat treatment ensures that the soft ice cream stays fresh for a longer time, reducing waste. At the same time, it ensures proper hygiene.

If you're interested in a tabletop soft ice cream machine that also offers self-service, you might consider the similar model SELF GEL 1 UP, which is water-cooled.

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