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Item no.: HC 153 HTP-W

High-capacity water-cooled tabletop soft serve ice cream machine

Production capacity: 34 kg or 455 waffles per hour
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The HC 153 HTP-W is a larger tabletop single-tap soft serve ice cream machine. It has a high production capacity and can deliver up to 34 kg or 455 waffles per hour, so you can efficiently satisfy your customers’ ice cream cravings. 

This soft serve ice cream machine is water-cooled, but there are also many air-cooled models within our range of products. If you are interested in a similar, but smaller model, you can take a look at  the BC 151 HTP-W


  • HTP pasteurisation system
  • 4D Remote Control System
  • water cooling
  • 34 kg/455 waffles per hour
  • pumping system

Efficient, built-in pasteurisation

Hygiene is paramount when working with food. Luckily, this tabletop soft serve ice cream machine makes it easy for you to maintain a high level of hygiene. 

The HC 153 HTP-W comes with an HTP pasteurisation system, which works by heating the soft serve mixture and all parts that come into contact with the ice cream to 65 degrees. This temperature is maintained for 30 minutes, after which it gets rapidly lowered to four degrees, which is a suitable storage temperature for the ice cream. 

The pasteurisation process helps to extend the ice cream’s shelf life, thereby minimising waste. At the same time, it minimises the risk of bacterial growth, so you can keep hygiene at its best. 

Access your machine remotely with the 4D Remote Control System

With the 4D Remote Control System, you can access your soft serve ice cream machine even when you are far away. You can, for example, access your machine via a computer or tablet, and make sure that everything is as it should be. 

If there is a problem with your soft serve ice cream machine, technicians can also access it remotely and quickly ensure that your machine runs smoothly again. If physical assistance is needed, it can be mobilised in a jiffy. 

All this helps to minimise your downtime and thus any loss in profits. 

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