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Item no.: F 0720 NDN

Spacious 12/24 V transport box

The cooling box maintains a consistent temperature down to 0 degrees

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With a transport box like the F 0720 NDN, you can transport temperature-sensitive products without the risk of them getting damaged. It has static cooling and maintains a stable temperature down to freezing point.

The cooling box is insulated with efficient PU foam and is resistant to vibrations.

About the product

  • 12/24 V
  • down to 0 degrees
  • Static cooling
  • 720 liters
  • resistant to vibrations.

Practical and easy-to-clean design

The F 0720 NDN can be used for transporting temperature-sensitive products such as medicine and vaccines, which have specific storage requirements. Since the box can go down to 0 degrees, there are many potential uses for it.

The transport box comes with a convenient front opening, allowing easy access to the contents. It's made in one solid piece, making it particularly easy to clean and maintain good hygiene.

A larger transport box with smart feet

The easy-to-clean climate box is designed to fit in a truck or van and has practical feet, so it can be placed on a pallet.

With its capacity of 720 liters, the F 0720 NDN is a larger cooling box. If you need a smaller model, you can take a look at the F 0140 NDN. Conversely, if you're interested in an even larger model, you might consider the F 0915 FDN.

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