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Item no.: F 0915 NDH

Spacious, energy-efficient climate box

Capacity of 915 liters
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This climate box can maintain temperatures between 0 and 30 degrees and can thus be used for various types of products that have specific temperature requirements during transportation.

F 0915 NDH is energy-efficient and equipped with ventilated cooling.

About the product

  • 12/24 V
  • 0 to 30 degrees
  • Ventilated cooling
  • 915 liters capacity
  • Energy-efficient.

Safe transport of temperature-sensitive products

Some products must be stored and transported at specific temperatures to prevent damage. This applies to many medical products and certain types of food. In handling such products, you can use a climate box like the F 0915 NDH.

The 915-liter climate box can be used for the safe transport of a variety of products and is resistant to vibrations.

Easy-to-clean one-piece design

This 12/24 V transport box is manufactured in one piece, making it very easy to clean as there are no joints and crevices where bacteria can accumulate. The box has metal feet to provide stability on a pallet during transportation.

F 0915 NDH is a larger transport climate box. If you are looking for a (slightly) smaller version, you can check out the following models:

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