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Item no.: FRFCVG 4001

Stainless steel storage cooler with modern features

With ventilated cooling and digital temperature display

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Find the ultimate solution for your cooling needs with this modern storage cooler, designed for both efficiency and convenience. With the help of ventilated cooling technology, this storage cooler ensures even distribution of cold air throughout the unit. This means that all your food, regardless of where it's placed, is stored at the perfect temperature, extending freshness and quality.

About the product:

  • Ventilated cooling
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • Digital temperature display
  • Interior material suitable for unpackaged food
  • Self-closing door < 90°

High safety and control

With the built-in temperature and door alarm, you can be sure that your food is always stored safely. The alarm also warns you of unexpected temperature changes or if the door is not properly closed, which can also minimize the risk of food waste.

Equipped with a digital temperature display, this storage cooler allows you to accurately monitor and adjust the temperature.

The best storage for your food

The interior material is specially designed to be particularly suitable for unpackaged food. This ensures that hygiene is maintained, which is essential for good food safety. With a self-closing door, you don't have to worry about forgetting to close it on a busy day, and it can also save you energy.

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