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Item no.: VTC 21B

State-of-the-art, small black display cooler

Tabletop model for placement on a counter or table
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The VTC 21B is a compact display cooler designed to sit on a counter, for example, where it can help entice more customers to shop. The counter can also be used, for example, for garnishes at a bar or for refrigerated items in a smaller café. 

This display cooler comes with a manual thermostat and static cooling. 


  • 0 to 10 degrees
  • adjustable levelling feet
  • includes a wire shelf
  • black exterior, white interior
  • <50 dB

A compact tabletop cooler

This display cooler is perfect for placement on a counter or a table, and its compact design makes it ideal for smaller shops. 

The display cooler can, for example, be used for chilled delicatessen and drinks in a speciality shop or for kombucha and ginger shots in a café. The options are endless, whether you work in the HoReCa industry or run a shop. 

Adjust the height of the wire shelf

The VTC 21B comes with a single wire shelf, whose height can be adjusted. You also have the option of placing items on the bottom shelf of your cooler. 

If you need to store taller bottles, you can move the wire shelf upwards or remove it completely. On the other hand, you can, naturally, also choose to divide your cooler roughly down the middle, if that suits your product range. 

If you are looking for a slightly larger display cooler, you could, for example, consider the VTC 98B, which comes with three wire shelves. 


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