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Item no.: OSC 140S ECO

Strong and durable control counter

With energy optimization and LED lighting

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This black control counter with straight front glass is ideal for presenting your products in an attractive way. It features three adjustable glass shelves, making it easy to customize the display as needed. The sliding glass doors in the front provide easy access to the contents, and the LED lighting ensures excellent illumination. The counter's energy optimization and automatic defrost make maintenance simple and worry-free.

Product features:

  • Three adjustable glass shelves
  • Energy optimized
  • Sliding glass doors in front
  • LED lighting
  • Automatic defrost

Energy optimization

The OSC 140S ECO is designed with energy optimization, featuring variable compressors. The compressor only runs at the necessary speed to maintain the desired temperature, significantly reducing energy consumption and making the product more environmentally friendly. With energy optimization, you get a cooler that protects the environment and reduces operational costs.

Automatic defrost

The built-in automatic defrost function makes maintaining your control counter easy and hassle-free. This advanced technology ensures that ice and frost are effectively removed from the cooling surfaces without manual intervention. Automatic defrost saves time and maintains a consistent temperature, ensuring that your products are always stored under optimal conditions and preventing ice buildup.

Additionally, the counter operates more efficiently without ice accumulation, which can lead to lower energy consumption and reduced electricity bills. Regular automatic defrost can also extend the lifespan of the counter by preventing overloading of the cooling system. Experience the convenience of a counter that maintains itself and keeps your products fresh with minimal effort.

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