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Item no.: MB 32

Stylish minibar with a capacity of 26 liters.

Thermoelectric model with low vibration.
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Are you looking for an efficient compact minibar for use in hotel rooms? If so, the MB 32 is a good choice. This minibar is thermoelectric and operates silently.

The MB 32 features static cooling with a fan.


  • 6 to 12 degrees Celsius
  • Static cooling
  • Foam door
  • 26 liters
  • Adjustable shelf.

The ideal solution for hotel rooms

With a capacity of 26 liters, this fridge doesn't have a lot of space. However, it's a great solution for smaller hotel rooms where you need to cool some drinks and snacks.

The fridge has a foam door with a handle in the door profile and a built-in lock.

If you're interested in a similar minibar with a bit more space, you can take a look at the MB 42 or MB 52.

Comes with an adjustable shelf and LED lighting

The MB 32 comes with an adjustable shelf, so you can customize it for the specific products you want to store in the minibar. For example, you can move the shelf higher if you need to store sparkling wine.

There is LED lighting inside the fridge, which ensures visibility of your options.

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