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Item no.: WTES 5972

Stylish wine cooler for wine enthusiasts

With space for 211 bottles and a soft-close door

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The wine cooler WTES 5972 offers a sophisticated storage solution with two separate zones, perfect for storing your wines at the ideal temperature. With its elegant stainless steel design, the cooler blends seamlessly into any modern kitchen or living room decor. And with room for up to 211 Bordeaux bottles (0.75 L) in stainless steel, this cooler is both spacious and elegant.

About the product

  • Door alarm
  • Active carbon filter
  • Soft close door
  • 211 Bordeaux bottles 0.75 L
  • Low noise level at 38 dB
  • LED lighting

Door alarm and active carbon filter

With a door alarm and an active carbon filter, your wines are protected against unwanted temperature changes and odors. The door closes softly and quietly thanks to the built-in soft-close function.

Energy-efficient LED lighting and low noise level

The built-in LED lighting highlights your wine collection in an energy-efficient manner, while the low noise level of just 38 dB ensures a comfortable atmosphere in your home.

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