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Item no.: T 0082 FDN

Top-Opening Freezer Box of 82 liters

I praktisk, rengøringsvenligt design
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When you need to transport temperature-sensitive products such as medicines and vaccines, an efficient freezer box like this can be necessary.

The T 0082 FDN has static freezing and can reach temperatures as low as -24 degrees Celsius.

About the product:

  • 12/24 V
  • -24 degrees Celsius
  • Static freezing
  • 82 liters
  • Top-opening

Easy to clean and hygienic

This smart freezer box is designed with a focus on cleanliness, allowing you to easily maintain its hygiene. It is manufactured as one piece to minimize joints and cracks.

The box features an electronic thermostat and a digital display. It has a convenient top-opening and is resistant to vibrations.

Energy-efficient and insulated freezer box

The T 0082 FDN is equipped with a thick layer of PU foam insulation, which helps to maintain the cold temperature. It is highly energy-efficient overall, making it a great choice for safely transporting temperature-sensitive items.

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