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Item no.: SRFVG 4001

White laboratory cooler foam-insulated and self-closing door

With temperature and door alarm and a net volume of 298 L

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With a net volume of 298 liters, this laboratory cooler offers ample space for storing various materials. The temperature and door alarms provide immediate warnings for any deviations from set conditions, or if the door is left ajar, minimizing the risk of damaging temperature-sensitive materials.

About the product

  • Self-closing door
  • ±3°C temperature stability
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • +2°C safety device
  • 3 to 16 degrees temperature range
  • Net volume of 298 L

High temperature control

The laboratory cooler boasts a temperature stability of ±3 degrees, providing excellent temperature control that enhances quality and ensures contents and materials are stored in the best possible conditions. It features a self-closing right-hinged door, which improves user convenience and energy efficiency by automatically closing to maintain a consistent interior temperature.

With LED lighting

Internal LED lighting offers outstanding visibility without affecting the temperature, making it easy to organize and locate your stored materials. With a wide temperature range of 3 to 16 degrees, this laboratory cooler is ideal for a wide range of storage needs requiring precise temperature control. Ventilated cooling ensures a uniform cooling effect throughout the cooler, preventing hot zones and contributing to optimal storage of sensitive materials.


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