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Item no.: SRFVH 4011

White Laboratory cooler with a net volume of 297 liters

With +/- 2 °C temperature stability and in compliance with DIN 13277

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The SRFVH 4011 is a laboratory cooler designed to meet high standards of precision and safety. With specifications in accordance with DIN 13277, this cooler guarantees not only reliability but also optimal performance for critical storage needs.

About the product

  • In compliance with DIN 13277
  • +/- 2 °C temperature stability
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • +2 °C safety device
  • 3 to 16 degrees
  • Net volume of 297 L

Secure storage with temperature and door alarm plus safety device

The laboratory cooler is equipped with a temperature and door alarm, providing immediate notification for temperature fluctuations or if the door is not properly closed, contributing to optimal storage of the cooler's contents. Additionally, safety is enhanced with the built-in safety device, preventing the temperature from dropping below +2 °C. This protects against freezing and further contributes to safe storage conditions.

High capacity and precision

You thus have the opportunity for flexible and versatile storage for a wide range of products requiring precise temperature control. The laboratory cooler is notably spacious inside with a net volume of 297 Liters. There is ample space for systematic storage of a large number of products, while also being easily accessible and organized.

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