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Item no.: SFFSG 4001

White laboratory freezer with 5 wire shelves and static cooling

And temperature and door alarm.

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The static cooling technology of this laboratory freezer ensures even and efficient cooling throughout the unit without the need for manual defrosting. In the event of power outages, there's no need to worry; this freezer is equipped with an innovative feature that provides you with important information about the duration of the power outage and its potential impact on your stored items. This is crucial to ensure that the contents remain safely stored, even under unforeseen circumstances.

About the product

  • Static cooling
  • Power outage information
  • +/- 5 °C temperature stability
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • -9 to -30 degrees
  • Net volume of 242 L

High temperature stability

Precision is a key feature in a laboratory freezer, and with a temperature stability of +/- 5 °C, you can rely on your items being stored at the optimal temperature. The temperature stability minimizes the risk of temperature fluctuations that could damage sensitive items. Whether you need to store, this laboratory freezer gives you the necessary control and stability.

Efficient and flexible

The laboratory freezer is equipped with a foam door, contributing to better insulation and energy efficiency. The door is self-closing, thus increasing convenience and ensuring that the door is always securely closed, reducing the risk of temperature increases. Additionally, it is reversible, which offers more flexibility in the placement of the freezer, as the door can be 

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