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Item no.: FFFSG 5501

White storage freezer with 499 liter capacity

With power outage information and self-closing door

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With a range of modern features, this freezer is the ideal choice for those seeking optimal storage and safety for their food.

This freezer is the perfect solution for those who value efficiency, safety, and quality in their food storage. You can store your food in the safest and best way possible in this freezer.

About the product:

  • Temperature and door alarm
  • Power outage information
  • Interior material suitable for unpackaged food
  • Digital temperature display
  • Self-closing door < 90°
  • Suitable for Euronorm containers

Efficient and spacious storage

One of the practical features of this freezer is that it is designed to contain Euronorm containers. This makes it extra functional and useful for professional use, where efficient storage and organization are necessary. You also do not need to be careful and thoroughly wrap your food in the freezer, as it is developed with an interior material that is particularly suitable for unpackaged food.

Stay informed about power outages and keep your food safe

Another important functionality you get with the FFFsg 5501 freezer is information about power outages. The system informs you of any interruptions in the power supply and notifies you about this, ensuring that your food is not damaged by temperature increases due to power failure.

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