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Item no.: FRFVG 6501

White storage refrigerator with reversible self-closing door

With a net volume of 499 liters and temperature and door alarm

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The white storage refrigerator FRFvg 6501 is the perfect refrigerator for restaurants, catering companies, and food stores looking for reliable food storage. With its spacious 499-liter capacity and compatibility with the Gastronorm GN 2/1 standard, this white refrigerator enables optimal space utilization and efficient organization.

  • Gastronorm GN 2/1
  • Temperature and door alarm
  • Digital temperature display
  • Interior material suitable for unpackaged food
  • Self-closing door < 90°
  • Flexible storage

Reversible self-closing door

FRFvg 6501 comes with a reversible self-closing door, making it easy to adapt the refrigerator to storage needs. With four adjustable shelves and a bottom shelf, you can easily adjust the storage space according to your needs. The ventilated cooling and digital thermometer ensure that your items are stored at the optimal temperature, while the built-in lock adds extra security.

Gastronorm GN 2/1

The Gastronorm GN 2/1 standard provides a significant advantage to refrigerators like FRFvg 6501 by allowing standardized trays and containers, making it easy to organize and switch between different dishes and ingredients. This standardized size also ensures that kitchen equipment and accessories can be easily exchanged and compatible with other Gastronorm units. With GN 2/1, you can optimize the refrigerator's space utilization, resulting in more efficient storage and a more organized workspace.

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