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Item no.: LSF 200

200-litre compact cold storage freezer

Functional cold storage freezer with two fixed shelves
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Are you looking for a small cold storage freezer for your commercial kitchen? Then the LSF 200 would be a great choice. The freezer has a volume of 200 litres and comes with two fixed shelves as well as a bottom shelf. 

Measuring just 838 mm in height, the freezer is perfect for smaller kitchens – or for placing on or under a counter. 


  • -18 to -23 degrees
  • static freezing with a fan
  • digital thermostat
  • reversible, foamed door
  • 2 x adjustable feet + 2 x rollers

A small and efficient cabinet freezer

A small and state-of-the-art cold storage freezer like the LSF 200 is a great choice for smaller kitchens where you do not need a lot of storage space. The freezer is also great for placing on or under a table or a counter – in large or small kitchens. 

The freezer comes with two fixed shelves as well as a bottom shelf for organising your food. 

If you need more freezer space, you could take a look at the ASVF 390 instead. 

With a door and temperature alarm

The LSF 200 comes with an alarm that sounds if your freezer’s door is left open or if the temperature in your cabinet freezer gets too high or too low. 

This compact cabinet freezer has an uncomplicated, functional design. It comes with a white casing and a foamed door, and will fit in anywhere. 

The cabinet comes with two adjustable feet and two rollers at the back to make it easier to move your cabinet and find the right space. 

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