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Item no.: GGU 1500

Compact, white Liebherr cold storage freezer

Four shelves and a volume of 143 litres
excluding freight, taxes and VAT
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Are you looking for a professional cold storage freezer, but do not need a huge amount of freezer space? Then the GGU 1500 would be a great choice. This cabinet freezer is a smaller one, but still offers a bottom shelf and three fixed evaporator shelves. 

This white cabinet freezer comes with static freezing, a digital thermostat and electronic control. 


  • -9 to -26 degrees
  • static freezing
  • reversible door with a lock
  • temperature alarm
  • 3 evaporator shelves, a bottom shelf + a wire basket

For those who do not want to compromise

A professional cold storage freezer is needed in a commercial HoReCa kitchen – regardless of the size of your kitchen. With the GGU 1500, you get a top-quality cold storage freezer with a range of state-of-the-art features – but in a compact design. You, therefore, do not have to compromise, even if you do not need a ton of freezer space. 

This cabinet freezer features an uncomplicated, elegant design that can fit into many different places. Its modest height makes placing the freezer under a table or a counter ideal, allowing you to make the most of your kitchen space. 

If you need a larger cabinet freezer, you could consider the GG 4010 instead. 

With a temperature and door alarm

This state-of-the-art white cold storage freezer comes with both a door alarm and a temperature alarm. You will be, thus, alerted if the door is left open or if the temperature in your cold storage freezer either drops or rises inappropriately. This will help you avoid damaging your food and avoid the formation of large amounts of hoarfrost. 

The interior panels of the freezer have been designed with easy cleaning in mind, so you can easily keep your hygiene at a high level. 

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