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Item no.: TL 300

A spacious storage freezer box with baskets

Volume 284 liters
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A storage freezer box is the ideal choice if you want plenty of freezer space without taking up too much room. With TL 300, you get 284 liters of freezer storage, while it only measures 1,260 mm in width.

The storage freezer box has static freezing and a foam lid.

About the product


  • -24 to -18 degrees Celsius
  • Static freezing
  • Foam lid
  • Power indicator
  • Thermometer.

For the store, cafe, or restaurant

You can benefit from a storage freezer box like TL 300 in many different types of businesses. For example, it can be used for storage in smaller (specialty) stores or for storing frozen bread in a cafe or restaurant.

This model is the middle-sized one among the TL models in our range. If you need less freezer space, you can consider TL 200, and if you need more space, TL 400 is a good choice.

With stackable baskets and gliding feet

This spacious storage freezer box comes with practical baskets that can be stacked. They make it possible to organize the contents of the freezer in an orderly manner.

There is a gliding foot in the freezer, making it easy to move around the contents and find what you need

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