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Item no.: TL 200

A storage freezer box with a capacity of 198 liters

Stackable baskets
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It sounds like you're describing the features and benefits of a storage freezer box like TL 200, which provides plenty of freezer space without taking up much room. This model measures 920 mm in width and has a volume of 198 liters.

TL 200 comes with stackable baskets, allowing you to organize the contents of the freezer. The gliding feet make it easy to move around the contents and find what you need.


  • -24 to -18 degrees Celsius
  • Static freezing
  • Foam lid
  • Power indicator
  • Thermometer.

A versatile freezer box with multiple possibilities

Storage freezer boxes provide ample freezer space and are suitable for use in various types of businesses. For example, smaller grocery stores can use them for storage in the back, while cafes can use them for storing bake-off items.

In restaurants, it's also a good idea to incorporate storage freezer boxes for ingredients that aren't used frequently and don't need to be readily accessible in a freezer.

Small but spacious

TL 200 is the smallest in the TL series of storage freezer boxes. If you need more storage space, you can consider TL 300 or TL 400 instead.

Even though the storage freezer box doesn't take up much space, it is very spacious, making it definitely worth a closer look

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