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Liebherr quality
Item no.: FKUv 1660

Compact stainless steel cold storage cooler

Measures 830 mm in height
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With its modest height, this cold storage cooler is perfect for placing under a table or a counter. That allows you to utilise the space in your commercial kitchen to the absolute full. 

This Liebherr cold storage cooler comes with static cooling, a digital thermostat and an electronic thermometer. 


  • +1 to +15 degrees
  • static cooling
  • reversible door with a lock
  • temperature alarm
  • bottom shelf and 3 removable wire shelves

A unique ventilation system

The FKUv 1660 comes with a unique ventilation system, created bearing in mind the likelihood of your cabinet cooler being placed under a table or a counter. For that reason, the ventilation system has been optimised to work properly even if there is limited air around your cold storage cooler. 

This cold storage cooler comes with a bottom shelf and three removable wire shelves, so you can organise its contents as you see fit. 

If you are looking for a larger cold storage cooler, you could take a look at the GKV 5760 or the GKV 6460

Get notified of temperature fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations in your cold storage cooler can have significant consequences. In the worst case scenario, a large amount of food has to be discarded because it has been damaged. 

Fortunately, with the FKUv 1660, help is at hand. You get a cabinet cooler with a built-in temperature alarm that alerts you if the temperature fluctuates too much. 

Despite its modest size, this is a professional cold storage cooler with many state-of-the-art features that optimise the workflow in your kitchen. This cold storage cooler is perfect for smaller shops, but can also be used in the corners of larger kitchens. 

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