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Item no.: FKUV 1613

Smart, compact display refrigerator

Unique ventilation system for secure placement under tables
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FKUv 1613 is a compact display refrigerator that can be used in various types of businesses and restaurants.

The display refrigerator features ventilated cooling and a digital thermometer.

About the product


  • 1 to 15 degrees Celsius temperature range
  • Ventilated cooling and temperature alarm
  • LED lighting
  • 3 adjustable shelves
  • Reversible door with a lock.

Showcase Your Selection with Pride

With a display refrigerator like this, you can showcase your product selection in an inviting manner, whether you're running a business or a restaurant.

Use the refrigerator, for example, for delicacies in a supermarket or a small specialty store. Or use it for beverages in a cafe - or behind the bar, where it can be used for special beers and ciders, for instance.

No matter how you use it, FKUv 1613 ensures that your products are displayed in an organized way, so customers know what they can choose from.

Place the display refrigerator wherever you like

FKUv 1613 is a compact display refrigerator that can be placed under a table or a counter, for example. Thanks to its unique ventilation system, you don't have to worry about the refrigerator overheating even when surrounded by furniture.

Of course, the refrigerator can also be placed on tables and counters. This way, it is at a good height for both those who need to see the selection and those who need to access it.

This refrigerator comes with a reversible door with a built-in lock and a glass front. If a glass door is not needed, you can also find a similar model with a white door in our selection.

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