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Oslo series
Item no.: OSC 140S HC S

Confectionery counter with a large, straight front glass

Automatic humidity regulation and electronic control
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Looking for an uncomplicated and modern convenience cooler for confectionery? Then the OSC 140S HC S would be worth a closer look. The service counter has clean, black frames and a straight front glass for a clear view of your options. The front glass can be tilted for cleaning.

The OSC 140S HC S cools down to between 15 and 18 degrees, making it ideal for confectionery. It comes with ventilated cooling, electronic control and automatic humidity regulation.


  • Three adjustable glass shelves
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Sliding doors at the back
  • Automatic humidity control
  • Ventilated cooling

Get a great-looking business with modular convenience coolers

The confectionery counter on this page forms part of our OSLO range, which consists of modular service counters with different features. They are designed to be combined, so you can present different types of products side by side.

When you put together several “similar” convenience counters, you end up with a nice, streamlined store. At the same time, you make it easy for your customers to get an overview of your product range.

In addition to this confectionery counter, you will also find counters such as the OSC 140SN and the OSC 140S in our product range. The latter cools to between -1 to +5 degrees, while the former is neutral.

Proper presentation is crucial for your revenue

When it comes to upselling and impulse sales, it is crucial that your products are presented in an inviting way. By focusing on how your products look, you can boost your revenue.

A service counter like the OSC 140S HC S makes sure your product range is presented in a tempting way. The cooler comes with three adjustable shelves, all of which are illuminated by LED lighting that put the focus on your goods, making it harder for your customers to resist them.

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