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Item no.: MFG 185

Elegant display cooler with a frameless glass door

Exclusive, modern design with black frames
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With its exquisite design, this display cooler is perfect for restaurants that would like to keep cold drinks on display, for example. The cabinet cooler can also be used in speciality shops, where the décor needs to look luxurious. 

The MFG 185 comes with ventilated cooling and a digital thermostat. 

About the product

  • 2 to 10 degrees
  • six removable wire shelves
  • automatic defrosting
  • frameless glass door
  • ventilated cooling

Let your cabinet coolers form part of your interior décor

There is no need to hide away a nice display cooler like this one. If you run a restaurant or café, it could be a good idea to include it as part of your interior décor. That would save you space at the back and allow your customers to get an overview of your drinks, for example. It would also increase the likelihood that they will be tempted by the home-made juice, kombucha or lemonade on display. 

This elegant cabinet cooler is not only visually appealing but also adds an exclusive touch to your premises. It is perfect for a side-to-side setup, in combination with the stylish VKG 571 SORT wine cooler. 

Customise your display cooler to match your product range

The MFG 185 comes with six robust wire shelves. Each shelf’s height can be adjusted, allowing your display cooler to match your product range just perfectly. As previously mentioned, the cabinet can be used for drinks, but it can, naturally, also be used for everything from desserts to garnishes – whatever makes the most sense to have on ‘display’ for everyone’s gaze. 

The cabinet cooler is black both inside and outside, which gives it an exclusive look. The cabinet cooler comes with adjustable legs and a built-in lock. 

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