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Item no.: LUMIO 145C

Elegant impulse cooler with an optimal product visibility

Efficient LED lighting
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With a great-looking impulse cooler like the LUMIO 145C, you can effectively boost your impulse sales of everything from dairy products to soft drinks, cold cuts and meat. 

The cooler comes with automatic defrosting and ventilated cooling. 


  • +3 to +7 degrees
  • ventilated cooling
  • glass sides
  • digital control
  • includes two compartments

Modern, minimalist design

The LUMIO 145C sets itself apart from other impulse coolers with its extraordinary, minimalist design. All four sides of the cooler are made of glass, as are the sliding lids. There is also a transparent partition between the two compartments of the impulse cooler. Collectively, this makes for a modern cooler that fits into any type of shop. 

The cooler is effectively illuminated by LED lighting, setting the focus on the contents of your cooler. 

With automatic defrosting

The LUMIO 145C provides between 3-7 degrees. There may still be a risk of hoarfrost, however, if your cooler reaches around freezing point, due it being almost empty, for example. 

Fortunately, the impulse cooler itself keeps the hoarfrost away. So you do not have to worry about having to empty out and switch off your cooler if it gets a little too cold for a while. 

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