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Item no.: LUMIO 145F

Modern impulse freezer with glass sides

Two compartments separated by a transparent partition
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If you would like to increase your impulse sales, the presentation of your products is crucial. With this sleek, modern impulse freezer, you can rest assured that your product range will look great. 

The freezer comes with automatic defrosting and ventilated freezing. 


  • -25 to -18 degrees
  • ventilated freezing
  • glass sides and a lid
  • digital control
  • with the possibility to compartmentalise

Uncomplicated, minimalist design

If you would like to create an inviting, modern shop, the LUMIO 145F could well be the right choice for you. This freezer is characterised by a minimalist design that adds an exclusive touch to any shop. 

The four sides of the freezer are made of glass, as are the sliding lids, of course. The two separate compartments of the freezer are also separated by a glass partition. If there is a need for more divisions, it is possible to create smaller compartments within the spaces. 

The LUMIO 145F comes with automatic defrosting

This modern display freezer comes with automatic defrosting. That saves you a lot of time and hassle, as you do not have to switch off and empty out your freezer to remove hoarfrost. 

The freezer comes with ventilated freezing, which ensures an even temperature throughout your freezer. Efficient LED lights highlight the contents of your freezer. 

If you are looking for a smaller impulse freezer, you could consider the LUMIO 90F, which is similar to this model, but more compact. 

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