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Item no.: WTES 5872

Elegant wine cooler for 178 bottles

Activated carbon filter, UV protection, and tinted glass door
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This wine cooler is for those who don't want to compromise when it comes to storing their wines. It offers a range of sophisticated features such as a tinted glass door with UV filter protection.

The wine cooler can accommodate up to 178 bottles of wine.

About the product


  • 5 to 20 degrees - three temperature zones
  • ventilated cooling
  • activated carbon filter
  • reversible door with child lock
  • 13 shelves (1 presentation shelf).

With a low-vibration compressor

Good wine deserves the right storage. Therefore, you should invest in a refrigerator like this one, which ensures that your wines are stored ideally.

The refrigerator has a tinted glass door with a built-in UV filter to protect the wine from various harmful rays and light. There is an activated carbon filter in the refrigerator that ensures good air quality so that the wine is not damaged by, for example, bad odors. The reversible door has a child lock built-in.

WTES 5872 has a low-vibration compressor, so the wine is not exposed to harmful movements.

With 13 shelves and a presentation shelf

This beautiful stainless steel wine cooler can hold up to 178 regular wine bottles distributed across 13 shelves. Ten of the shelves are pull-out, while the last three are fixed. The cooler has a presentation shelf that can be adjusted to tilt, allowing certain wine bottles to be displayed. This shelf can also be used for open bottles that you still want to store at the right temperature.

The refrigerator has three temperature zones that can be individually set to temperatures between five and 20 degrees.

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