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Item no.: WFG 185

Elegant wine cooler with frameless glass door.

Capacity: 197 standard wine bottles.
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This professional wine cooler allows you to ensure that your wines are stored and served at the correct temperature while adding an elegant touch to your establishment.

The WFG 185 features two temperature zones and static cooling with ventilation.

Product Features

  • 5-22 degrees Celsius
  • Six adjustable wooden shelves
  • Tinted glass door with UV filter
  • LED lighting
  • Low-vibration compressor.

Properly Store Your Wines with WFG 185

It's crucial to store fine wines properly to prevent any damage. Therefore, investing in a professional wine cooler is a wise choice to ensure that your wines are well taken care of.

Excessive sunlight can harm wine, which is why this cooler is equipped with a UV filter in its glass door. Maintaining the right temperature is essential because both heat and cold can damage wine. This wine cooler solves that problem with its two temperature zones, which can be adjusted perfectly for the specific wines you're storing. Additionally, it features a low-vibration compressor, as vibrations can affect the quality of wine.

An Elegant and Efficient Wine Cooler

With six adjustable wooden shelves and an integrated bottom shelf, this wine cooler is designed to accommodate both upright and opened wine bottles. Wine should ideally be stored horizontally, but if you have open bottles, you can rearrange the shelves to accommodate them.

Featuring a frameless door and a sleek black design, the WFG 185 complements any decor and adds an exclusive touch to your restaurant or cafe. It can seamlessly integrate into your interior, allowing your customers to admire the beautiful bottles displayed side by side.

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