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Item no.: LUMIO RADIANT 145F

Impulse freezer with grid partitioning

Ventilated freezing and digital control
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An elegant impulse freezer can help you to effectively boost your impulse sales. The LUMIO RADIANT 145F offers a modern design with LED lights and side lighting. Exterior branding is an option. 


  • includes wheels
  • -25 to -18 degrees
  • digital thermostat
  • automatic defrosting
  • two separate compartments

Elegant freezer with an ideal overview

The LUMIO RADIANT 145F is a real Rolls-Royce of an impulse freezer. It offers an exclusive design with both its sides and sliding lids coming in glass. 

The freezer has two separate compartments, which are separated by a transparent partition. This ensures optimal product visibility, just as the transparent partition also adds to the freezer’s minimalist design. 

The two compartments are each divided into smaller compartments by means of grids. 

Use your impulse freezer for branding purposes

This impulse freezer with a grid offers you great opportunities for exterior branding. It allows you to personalise your freezer. If you are interested in this, please contact our sales department via salg@vibocold. com or on +45 8750 3447 to find out more. 

The freezer comes with wheels attached, making it mobile. When it comes to impulse sales, it can be a good idea to experiment with different locations in your store. It may also be relevant to move your freezer during seasonal changes or if there are special events taking place in your neighbourhood. 

Our range of LUMIO products also includes the following models: 

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