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Item no.: MADRID 190 05 PL

Large impulse cooler with a sliding lid

220 mm loadline
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An impulse cooler like this one helps you to efficiently focus on products that are, for example, in season or on sale. The cooler comes with a sliding lid and plexiglass sides, ensuring perfect product visibility. 

The MADRID 190 05 PL comes with ventilated cooling and a digital thermostat. 


  • 220 mm loadline
  • stainless steel fender trim
  • digital thermometer
  • fitted wheels
  • -1 to 5 degrees

Boost your impulse sales with the MADRID 190 05 PL

When your products are presented in an organised and inviting way, passing customers are much more likely to want to buy them. With the help of an impulse cooling counter like this one, you can increase your impulse sales and upsales and boost your bottom line. 

This impulse cooler is perfect for seasonal and promotional products that you would like to make sure your customers notice. 

Choose the right impulse cooling counter

At 1915 mm wide, this impulse cooler is one of our larger ones. It is perfect for larger stores and for promotional items that you do not want to have to replenish over and over again. However, if you are looking for a counter for specialities or fresh berries, you could also consider a smaller counter. 

This counter comes with wheels, which makes it easier to move for in-store reorganisations. The stainless steel fender trim is not fitted on delivery, but can be fitted at an additional cost. 



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