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Item no.: GLE 20

Low-temperature medical chest freezer

Temperature range -10 and -45 degrees celcius
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The GLE 20 is a practical low-temperature medical freezer – for example for use in hospitals and laboratories. The freezer can go all the way down to -45 degrees, but there is also the possibility to set it to higher temperatures, to whatever suits your situation. The freezer starts at -10 degrees. 

The low-temperature freezer comes with static freezing, electronic control and a digital temperature display. 


  • -10 to -45 degrees
  • static freezing
  • electronic control
  • audible temperature alarm
  • condensate drain

Practical 203-litre low-temperature freezer

Certain samples need to be stored at very low temperatures, so it may be necessary to have a low-temperature chest freezer if you work within the medical field. 

This freezer has a volume of 203 litres and can provide freezing temperatures all the way down to -45 degrees. In comparison, the “average” laboratory freezer can typically reach -35 degrees. 

The white freezer has an uncomplicated and practical design.  

With a smart temperature alarm

The GLE 20 has an audible temperature alarm. This way, if the temperature in your freezer fluctuates inappropriately, you will be notified so you can react in time. It ensures that the samples in your freezer do not get damaged. 

This functional low-temperature chest freezer has a built-in lock in its handle. 

The GLE 20 is one of the smallest chest freezers in the GLE range. If you need more (or less) freezer space, you can take a look at one of the following models:

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