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Item no.: GLE 30

White, low-temperature freezer

Volume 270 liters
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In the medical industry, a low-temperature freezer may be necessary for chemical samples, for example. This freezer can reach -45 degrees, which is significantly lower than the -35 that a typical laboratory freezer can deliver.

The low-temperature freezer starts at -10 degrees and can then be customised to meet specific needs.


  • -10 to -45 degrees
  • static freezing
  • electronic control
  • audible temperature alarm
  • condensate drain

A low-temperature freezer with a practical design

The GLE 30 offers a no-mess-no-fuss type of practical and functional design. It has a built-in lock in its handle, which is quite a smart safety precaution.

This low-temperature freezer comes with static freezing, electronic control and a digital thermostat. It’s the middle model in the GLE range and offers a volume of 270 litres. If you’re looking for a larger or smaller low-temperature freezer, consider the following models:

Built-in audible temperature alarm

It is essential that chemical samples be stored at the correct temperature. That is why the GLE 30 comes with a built-in temperature alarm. It alerts you if the temperature in the low-temperature freezer fluctuates, so you can react before the contents of your freezer get damaged.

The low-temperature freezer also boasts a digital temperature display.


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