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Riga series
Item no.: RSC 120 WH 9005

Multifunctional convenience cooler with electronic control

Wheels, night blind and LED lighting
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With the RSC 120 WH 9005 you get a sleek, modern convenience cooler that cools down to between -1 to 5 degrees and comes with a roller blind for saving electricity at night. Sliding doors can also be added as an option.


  • -1 to +5 degrees
  • night blind
  • LED-lit shelves
  • can be multiplexed
  • fitted wheels

Arrange your shop as you see fit

The RSC 120 WH 9005 forms part of our RIGA range, which consists of convenience coolers with a wide variety of options.

An impulse cooler like this can work as a stand-alone module, allowing you to boost the impulse sales in your store. In addition, the counter allows for multiplexing, where multiple counters are combined in one contiguous row. If you would like to create island displays, non-cooling corner modules can be added to make your various convenience coolers fit together nicely.

With this sleek convenience cooler, you gain many different options when it comes to store design.

Get eyes on your presentation with RIGA coolers

There is no getting away from the fact that the presentation of your products plays a significant role in relation to your revenue. If your products are presented in an inviting way, customers are more likely to want to buy them.

With the RIGA coolers, you can be sure that your product range will look awesome. Whether you need cooling space for fizzy drinks, iced coffee, delicacies, promotional items, or anything else, RIGA will be fit for the purpose.

Are you interested in a similar, but smaller, cooler? Then you can take a look at the RSC 60 WH 9005 or the RSC 90 WH 9005.


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