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Riga series
Item no.: RSC 90 WH 9005

Modern, multifunctional convenience cooler

Fitted with wheels and removable glass shelves
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Our RIGA range consists of multifunctional convenience coolers that can be used both as stand-alone coolers and can be combined with other coolers. The RSC 90 WH 9005 forms part of this range and can thus be incorporated into shop fittings in a variety of ways.

The cooler comes with wheels so it can be easily moved around as needed.

About the product

  • wheels
  • three removable shelves
  • LED lighting
  • -1 to 5 degrees.

This is how you can benefit from the RSC 90 WH 9005

As mentioned, you can utilise a RIGA cooler like the RSC 90 WH 9005 in several different ways. The cooler can be used, for example, for cold drinks that you would like to sell on impulse. However, you can also use your cooler for many other things – including delicatessen, promotional items, cold cuts and ready-made meals. The only limit is your imagination.

If you would like to build a long, continuous cooler, it can be used as part of a multiplex solution where several coolers are combined together. You can also build appealing cooling islands using non-cooling corner modules.

Make your shop inviting by using convenience coolers

Making your store welcoming and easy to navigate is essential if you would like to increase your impulse sales and upsales and generally ensure a good shopping experience to keep customers coming back.

With elegant convenience coolers like this one, you can ensure a presentable store that customers will love to shop in.

This wheeled convenience cooler is open, but it is also available in a  version with sliding doors if you are interested in that. In addition, it is available in both a narrower and a broader model.

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