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Item no.: VD 380

Stylish grey display cabinet cooler with six shelves

Self-closing glass door and an integrated handle
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This display cooler offers an uncomplicated, modern design that fits in anywhere. With its grey cabinet, the cabinet cooler has a more exclusive look than, for example, a white cabinet cooler, which is why it fits in well in restaurants and cafés.

The cabinet cooler comes with ventilated cooling and an analogue thermostat.


  • Six adjustable wire shelves
  • Self-closing glass door
  • Integrated handle
  • Built-in lock
  • LED lighting

Get plenty of space with the VD 380

The VD 380 is not only an attractive display cabinet cooler, but also an efficient one. The cabinet has an impressively large volume of 425 litres and six shelves, whose height can, of course, be adjusted to match your product range.

The cabinet cooler provides 0-10 degrees and has a practical self-closing door to minimise energy consumption. There is an integrated handle in the door.

The cabinet cooler comes with adjustable shelves and rollers.

Set the spotlight on your product range

A display cabinet cooler like the VD 380 can effectively help boost your impulse sales and upsales. When your products are presented in an inviting way, customers are more likely to be tempted to buy them.

LED lighting has been built into both the sides and the top of this display cooler. The light effectively draws attention to your product range, so that customers cannot help but engage with it.

In the range of VD display coolers you will also find, among others, the

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