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Item no.: VD 890 EASYFILL

Display cabinet cooler with EasyFill

Ensures a great presentation and easy refilling
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With a display cabinet cooler like this one, you can be sure that your cold drinks will look great. Among other things, this can lead to increased impulse sales.

The cabinet cooler comes with ventilated cooling and automatic defrosting.

About the product

  • 0 to +10 degrees
  • self-closing doors
  • partitions
  • lock
  • LED product lighting

EasyFill facilitates your workflow

EasyFill makes filling your display cabinet cooler a breeze. The interior of the cabinet can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing the shelves’ front edges to face away from you. Now you can fill the shelves from the back and then rotate the interior back into place.

It is easy and convenient to fill your cabinet cooler this way. At the same time, the approach ensures that the “first in, first out” principle is respected, so that the front drinks are always the coldest.

We, naturally, also included a built-in door holder for the display cabinet cooler, so that the doors do not close while you are filling your cabinet cooler.

Create a presentable business

The shelves of the VD 890 EASYFILL slope slightly downwards, which means that the drinks in your cabinet cooler are automatically pushed forwards. Thus, if a customer takes the outermost item, the rest of the row is moved forwards.

This feature helps to ensure that your cooler always looks full, inviting and presentable. The fact that all rows of products start in the same place, quite simply, creates a streamlined, uncluttered look.

The display cabinet cooler comes with fixed partitions, making it extra easy for you to keep a good overview of your products.

The VD range of display cabinet coolers also includes the following cabinet coolers:

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